In the offline world (TV ads, billboards), businesses stand out by being loud, excessive and bold. Increasingly, many businesses are doing the same online. However, a few, understand that in this age of more thoughtful consumption, louder is not better, and doing more of the same does not make you stand out.

First10 is an exploration of what it means to be different. It is about building stuff that does not even feel like marketing in the first place. It is about first understanding all the rules, then breaking them. It’s about ignoring old beliefs, and embracing the new.

The way most businesses approach marketing is by doing more of what everyone else is doing. There is sameness everywhere. We aim to build a different marketing model, that at the very least, gives you the possibility of creating something outstanding.

Below is some feedback from our recent clients. We are a 6 year old search marketing agency based in Bangalore.

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    Shelley Thayil
    COO - Kumarakom Lake Resort

    Great team lead by Arjun and always delivers what is promised.

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    Sai Dattani
    Founder - Universal Relocations

    No other company comparable to them. Happy with their work.

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    Sandeep Jayaram
    Partner - Quirk

    First10 really gets involved in the whole process and takes up the responsibility of delivering full-on. i think it is rare in these times that someone does this.

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    Asa Abraham
    Marketing - John Developers

    We're very happy with their services. 10/10 rating.

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    Manjesh SR
    Entrepreneur - Coldwell Bankers

    They are the best in business... Strongly recommend

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    Shiv Shankar
    Founder -

    We are now one of the leading bulk SMS aggregators in India. I am greatful to First10 always.

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    Meenakshi Popli
    CEO - Trendz Academy

    Bringing quality traffic to my website. Great work. Good results.

How to get more customers

The most common way to get more customers is to find a keyword (like “hotels in Mumbai”) and do everything you can to own that keyword on Google.

This is terrific, because if a traveller is looking for a hotel, Google is where they are going to look.


Buy the number one ad on Google Adwords, be the first listing on organic results, you get calls. This is awesome. Hundreds of millions of people are using Google every day and they find you.

The problem for most businesses is how to be on the first page - i.e. among the first 10 listings on Google. Because, anything below that is almost worthless. Do all you can to be the number one on Google. Own that space. But you should be doing much more.

It is critical to also target the customer at his research stage. Along with his search for something specific like ‘hotels in Mumbai’, he is also researching for his upcoming trip by reading topics like “Which are the best places to eat in Mumbai?” or “What are some great places to visit in Mumbai?” or “What should I do while visiting Mumbai?”


The idea is to find keywords at this ‘research’ stage that has high searches but low-medium competition. Then create assets for this stage. Give your customers all the information he needs via these assets. And he will remember you when it comes time to buy i.e. to book a hotel to stay in Mumbai.

Once you have created this asset, you drive traffic to it via email outreach. Reach out to people - bloggers, editors, website owners who are talking about the same asset topic. The key is to only focus on people that have linked to similar assets before. As long as your asset provides a new angle on the topic they will share this with their followers. Thus, more people visit your website via these referrals, and you start getting traffic WITHOUT Google.

Graphs of increasing website traffic for 3 of our client's websites.

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First10 Q&A

How is First10 different from other digital marketing firms?

Our approach to link building is different. The basic idea is to give something valuable away in order to sell something related. Talk to us to know more.
How do I know if we're a good match?

We only work with smart clients who understand that it's the customer that matters most.
How do I take this forward?

Send us an email or call us on +91 888 444 0456.