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We are a small, agile SEO agency with tons of experience.

The way most businesses approach SEO is by doing more of what everyone else is doing. There is sameness everywhere. First10 aims to build a different marketing model, that at the very least, gives you the possibility of creating something outstanding.

  • "Great team led by Arjun and always delivers what is promised"

    Shelley Thayil
    COO - Kumarakom Lake Resort
  • "No other company comparable to them. Happy with their work."

    Sai Dattani
    Founder - Universal Relocations
  • "They are the best in business... Strongly recommend."

    Manjesh SR
    Entrepreneur - Coldwell Bankers
  • "We're very happy with their services. 10/10 rating."

    Asa Abraham
    Marketing - John Developers
  • "Bringing quality traffic to my website. It's been good working with them."

    Meenakshi Popli
    CEO - Trendz Academy
  • "We are now one of the leading bulk SMS aggregators in India. I am grateful to First10 always."

    Shiv Shankar
    Founder - SMSchilly.com
  • "First10 really gets involved in the whole process and takes up the responsibility of delivering full-on."

    Sandeep Jayaram
    Partner - Quirk
First10 Q&A

How is First10 different from other digital marketing firms?

We are different in two ways.

First, we don’t guarantee top rankings on Google. We will get you results and get traffic to your website, but if your website is new to SEO and you are competing against players who have been doing SEO for more than 5+ years, then trying to get a Number 1 ranking on Google is a wasted effort (unless you do this illegitimately, which will hurt you in the long run). You first need to target keywords that have less competition and start ranking for them. As you do this for more and more lower competition keywords, it makes it easier for you to target the main keywords.

This may take ~3-4 months. At the end of this, the domain authority of your website would have improved, which now gives you the possibility of targeting the highly competitive keywords.

All this takes time, and time is the second way we are different. We are in this for the long run with you. We don’t promise quick results in SEO.